Netomata Config Generator (NCG)

Netomata Config Generator (NCG) is a free open source tool which creates complete, ready-to-install config files for network devices and services from a common light-weight model of your network. Because these config files are generated programmatically (rather than by hand), and generated from a shared model (rather than being managed separately for each device or service), they are more likely to be consistent and complete, which makes your network more reliable, easier to troubleshoot, and easier to expand in both size and functionality.

Please see the Netomata Config Generator (NCG) page for more information.

Other Products

Netomata has a number of other products planned. Watch this page, or the Netomata-News mailing list, for their announcement.

If you would like to hear when other products become available, as well as other news from Netomata, please subscribe to the Netomata-News mailing list, and we'll make sure you're notified.

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