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ncg -- Netomata Config Generator


ncg [ -v | --verbose ] [ -k | --keys ] [ -d | --dump ] [ -E errfile | --error-dump errfile ] [ -L libdir | --libdir libdir ] [ -V | --version ] [ -h | --help ] file [...]


ncg generates config files for networks that are described by neto format file(s).

ncg parses the file(s) (in neto format) specified by the file ... argument(s) to build an internal model of a network, and then generates a config file for each node in the resulting network model which has a ncg_output tag defined for it (which specifies the file where the node's config should be written to, creating or overwriting the file as necessary), using the template file (in ncg format) specified by the node's ncg_template tag.

To read from standard input, specify "-" as the filename.


-v or --verbose
Enable verbose mode, causing ncg to emit comments about what it is doing as it proceeds.
-k or --keys
Print a list of all keys defined within the model, then exit without generating any config files.
-d or --dump
Print the fully-parsed data structure defined by the model, then exit without generating any config files. The dump is in neto format, the same as ncg's input file(s).
-E errfile or --error-dump errfile
Specify the basename of a set of files to dump detailed error context to, if an error occurs while generating a config. It's possible that more than one file will be created as the error-handling process unwinds; the files will be named errfile.0, errfile.1, and so forth. The deepest and most specific error will generally be found in errfile.0, while the other error files may provide more context to help you understand how you got to the point where that deepest error occurred.
-L libdir or --libdir libdir
Specify the location of the Netomata libraries (the directory containing the netomata.rb file and related subdirectories), overriding the NETOMATA_LIB environment variable
-V or --version
Print the program's version number, then exit.
-h or --help
Print a help message, then exit.


Name of directory containing Netomata libraries (file netomata.rb and associated subdirectories). If not specified, defaults to /usr/local/lib/netomata/lib.

As a Ruby program, ncg also looks for the standard Ruby environment variables (see ruby(1) man page).


Please report any bugs you find by email to


ncg was originally written in 2008 by Brent Chapman of Netomata, Inc.


Copyright (C) 2009, 2010 Netomata, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

See Also

ncg file format, neto file format.


This documentation is for ncg version 0.10.x.