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Milestone: eating our own dogfood

We've reached an important milestone today: we're eating our own dogfood!

As of today, we're using our Netomata Config Generator (NCG) tool to generate a complete, correct, and consistent config for the core switch/router in our office and lab setup.

While our office switch/router is only an older 24-port Cisco 3550 that we picked up cheap on eBay, being able to generate its config is an excellent proof of concept; from here, it's easy to see how to extend our templates to generate a config for a much larger, more modern, and more complex Cisco router.

My next task is to extend the templates and definitions for our network to other types of devices and services, such as configs for MRTG and Nagios monitoring. Again, once the basic templates for a given service or type of device are done, its usually easy to see how to extend those templates to cover much larger and more complicated instances of those services and devices.

So, onwards towards a beta release soon, hopefully later this month!